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Paper Bag Miracle

When it comes to finishing, I’m first to admit I can be a bit chicken. I do work hard at finishing, but I generally stick with what I know. And I avoid wetsanding the finish at all costs. I [...]

More Questions About the Roubo Workbench

Question: I am a beginner woodworker, so I don’t have a workbench yet. I’ve been looking and wondering if I should make my own bench or buy a starter one. Then I read your article and [...]

Eccentric? Not so Eccentric?

The historically correct shape of the drawbore pin shown in our Autumn 2005 issue has come into question this week. Joel Moskowitz, a tool historian (correction: and a user) and the owner of [...]

How to Darken Cherry

Question: I just read your article in the new Woodworking Magazine on Shaker end tables and am going to make a pair. I have one question: I like the idea of treating the wood with a couple of [...]

The Virtue of Fragility

This week I’m trying to pry my way inside the heads of the Shakers. After years of building the furniture, it’s remarkable how little I know about the people themselves. So I’ve [...]

The Scrub Plane Litmus Test

My boss at my last job had a test he gave to all job applicants. He simply asked them: “How many hours do you sleep at night?” If they answered “seven” or anything less, [...]

Nailing Down the Details

There is a lot to know about nails. Don’t laugh or scoff. I’ve been digging deep into my library this week and have come up with some stuff that is wild and weird from the world of [...]

Getting Hammered – Properly

So many woodworkers resist using hammers, and I suspect it’s because they use one that’s more suited for framing a house or cracking walnuts. In browsing through old tool catalogs, [...]

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