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Nothing is Arbitrary in Bench Design

When you build a project for the first time, I’ve always found there are odd moments when you begin to doubt that what you are doing is correct. Sometimes these moments are followed by a [...]

Designing a Roubo Bench

There are a few construction challenges we’ve had to overcome, but I think we’ve done it without compromising any functionality or the spirit of the Roubo bench. The first obstacle [...]

One Love Tap on the Holdfast and….

Holdfasts are an essential piece of workbench equipment. And when you use a good one, it’s like a mind-opening experience. A proper old school holdfast (occasionally called a bench hook) [...]

Tricks to Removing Plane Tracks

Question: Hi, quick question. I recently finished smoothing a table top with my #4 smoothing plane and if the light hits the top right, I can see lots of planing lines. I tried to camber the [...]

The Sausage (or Cigar) for Shooting

If you use a miter plane for a lot of shooting, then you’ve probably lusted after the so-called “hot dog.” This hollow casting screws onto the side of your plane and makes it [...]

Fighting Progress

After studying the topic of workbenches for years, it’s clear that – like automobiles – they’ve gotten much more complex since the heyday of the 18th century cabinetmaker. [...]

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