Popular Woodworking’s New Editor


Megan is the one in the middle, without facial hair (with Roy Underhill and Peter Follansbee). Photo by Mike Onifrey.

Like many of you, I was sorry to see Matthew Teague step down as editor of Popular Woodworking, but I’m pleased to announce we’ve found the perfect replacement in someone you know.

Megan Fitzpatrick, our executive editor, will be taking over this key position and her promotion is certainly well-deserved. Over the past eight years Megan has been a passionate advocate for Popular Woodworking Magazine and for the craft in general.

You already know her from her magazine articles, blog posts, in-person workshops and participation on the woodworking forums, but Megan has played an even larger role for us behind the scenes. There, she’s been one of the guiding forces in developing the content of each issue and she’s been our leader in finding creative ways to bring you that content online. (Just as important, she makes sure we get the magazine to you on time – no small task when you’re working with a group of perfectionist woodworking editors.)

Megan is creative, hard-working and loves woodworking. I can’t imagine someone better to lead the magazine as we continue to develop it as a top source of woodworking advice, instruction and inspiration.

— Kevin Ireland

46 thoughts on “Popular Woodworking’s New Editor

  1. corgicoupe

    I would like to see more of the longer articles. It gives the author space to elaborate and offer alternative solutions, particularly how to accomplish a task with hand tools that is usually done with power tools.

    1. DilloWorks

      Megan, They couldn’t have made a better choice. Congratulations. Now if you could just find a way to bring ALF (Old Tools List) in occasionally for a little British slant, you would really have a winning combination.

  2. netartsdave13

    Congratulations, Megan, this is something that you have worked hard for, and surly deserve. I would say it’s an early Christmas present, but wonder if it may be a piece of coal, when one considers all the work involved. But either way, I expect we will see GREAT things now that P.W. is under your control.:)

  3. John Verreault

    Congratulations and Merry Christmas Megan! Seems Santa came a bit early this year, eh?
    (Hey, I’m Canadian and “they” think I’m going to say ‘eh’ so who am I to disappoint “them”…)

  4. nedmoore

    Congratulations, Megan!
    May your new efforts only build on and exceed all of your previous accomplishments.

  5. Galoot

    This is super news! What a great Christmas gift to the readers and to the community. Congratulations, Megan.

  6. jagriz

    Facial hair is passé… Even I, after 35 years of almost continuously wearing a beard gave it up in August 2011. Welcome to the new world Megan and congratulations!

      1. jagriz

        Yup… When I noticed that the number of beard wearers in my club was increasing at an increasing rate it was time to stop… It was no longer a sign of non-conformity it was becoming the norm! LOL

  7. Jason

    Holy crap, this is awesome! Congratulations Megan!

    Does this mean that Chris will now be YOUR assistant at the next ATC class?

  8. Buildinggeek

    Congratulations Megan, it’s nice to know that your hard work, and the progress you’ve made in woodworking, are being acknowledged. From my point of view they are appreciated as well.
    One of the things I have enjoyed about this magazine has the quality of the editing. With you taking over I’m confident that will continue.
    I look forward to seeing how the magazine will evolve under your leadership. Just remember to keep your eye on the spelling ;~)

  9. dlwurscher

    Congratulations Megan
    Hope this new job, does not mean an end to your well thought out articles. I like you style of speaking person to person.
    Keep up the good work.

    Your promotion was a Christmas gift to you and the magazine subscribers

    1. Jason

      I LOVE Megan’s writing style. Last year in Pittsboro I told her she needs to blog more! We need more Megan! 🙂

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