November 2009 #179

Popular Woodworking November 2009 issueThe cover project for the November 2009 issue of Popular Woodworking is an LVL workbench where an 18th-century workbench design is met with a modern material: laminated veneer lumber.

John Wilson uses basic tools and straightforward techniques to guide you through building a classic Shaker swing-handle carrier.

Charles Bender shows you why secret drawers are as fun to make as they are to discover.

A knockdown computer desk creates portable storage for a computer tower and books.

Kevin Glen Drake reveals how a mini-lathe won’t break the budget.

Find basic tips on turning for furniture makers.

You’ll learn how to improve the look and feel of your handplanes with the Making Totes & Knobs for Handplanes article.

Adam Cherubini gives his Philadelphia chair a period finish.

Bob Flexner walks you through the thick and thin of veneer repair.

Our I Can Do That column features a handsome simplified Stickley bookcase.

We put the American “Bad Axe” Saws to the test in this month’s Tool Test.

Marc Spagnuolo answers the question of whether it’s better to build or buy.

Rob Porcaro shows you how to build shop-made dovetail markers.

Detailed article previews are below. Online Extras (downloads, etc.) for this issue can be found inside each article.

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Online Extras: November 2009 Issue

Online Extras from the November 2009 issue include a video tour of Megan's LVL Workbench, the 3D Google SketchUp Model of Megan's LVL Workbench, the 3D Google SketchUp model of the Knockdown Computer Desk, a video of Kevin Glen Drake turning a chisel handle and learn why he uses a skew chisel, and more....


Out of the Woodwork: Regulae Stultis Sunt

Rules are for fools. By Darrell Peart Page: 72 From the November 2009 issue #179 Buy this issue now My junior high math teacher, Mr. Gayda, was fond of saying, “Rules are for fools.” Although this little maxim sounds like a rallying cry for anarchists, Mr. Gayda was a man of many rules and...


Flexner on Finishing: The Thick & Thin of Veneer Repair

Veneer is just thin wood – so don’t be afraid of it. By Bob Flexner Pages: 66-68 From the November 2009 issue #179 Buy this issue now I love repairing old furniture – the older the better. I find repairing more challenging and satisfying than making new because someone else, or time and age,...


Jig Journal: Dovetail Markers

These simple shop-made helpers will make marking less of a chore. By Rob Porcaro Page: 64 From the November 2009 issue #179 Buy this issue now Marking out dovetails for hand cutting goes much easier with these helpers. Held in place while hooked over the end of a board, these markers allow you, with...


Knockdown Computer Desk

ladders form the base of this knockdown desk — simple steps to a higher education in woodworking. By Hunter Lang Pages: 58-62 From the November 2009 issue #179 Buy this issue now I’m in the midst of preparing for college, so I need a desk that is functional but also portable, so that I...


It’s a Secret

Secret drawers and hidden compartments are as much fun to create as they are to discover. By Charles Bender Pages: 54-57 From the November 2009 issue #179 Buy this issue now When I was a teenager, I met a cantankerous old lumber guy. You know the type – a little too disgruntled to actually...


Shaker Swing-handle Carrier

Oval boxes with handles were traditionally used as sewing baskets. By John Wilson Pages: 48-53 From the November 2009 issue #179 Buy this issue now The craftsmen of the Shaker community were known in their day for quality workmanship of utilitarian designs. This project represents one of their adaptations of the oval box in...