This collection of woodworking interviews and profiles of famous woodworkers including Sam Maloof, Roy Underhill, and James Krenov (and a some lesser known makers who deserve to be more famous) is chock-full of sage wisdom, valuable advice and helpful woodworking tips that will both teach and entertain. Presented as a mix of woodworking videos, articles and blog entries these visits inside the shops and minds of woodworking masters will both guide you in your woodworking and inspire you to get back out in the shop and in front of your bench.

Singer, songwriter and luthier Guy Clark in his Nashville workshop, where he crafts guitars and award-winning songs.

Songs from the Workbench: Guy Clark

Singer and songwriter Guy Clark builds both melodies and guitars in the woodshop of his Nashville home. by Megan Fitzpatrick Songwriter, singer and luthier Guy Clark doesn’t like technology. “I put away all my recording stuff, built this workbench, ordered some wood and started building stuff,” he says. The most high-tech machines on display...

This Eames lounge chair and ottoman feature santos palisander veneer. Herman Miller was the original collaborative partner in 1956 for these and other Charles and Ray Eames pieces, and still holds exclusive license to produce these designs, which are registered with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

Imitation Could be Illegal

I’ve lately seen an uptick in discussions on woodworking forums and social media regarding protecting one’s own furniture design. And while it’s possible that some laws have changed since 2008 when attorney and woodworker Jon Shackelford wrote the article below, I think his explanation remains a good starting point for those concerned with the...

All kinds of music. Jeff Miller embraces street music and chamber music. Traditional design and modern curves. Hand tools and modern machinery. The results speak for themselves, as shown here in this walnut rocker he recently designed and built.

Designs of Note: Jeff Miller

A former musician brings an improvisational skill to the craft. by Christopher Schwarz Somewhere between street musician and the symphony orchestra, between an 18th-century hand woodworker and a contemporary designer, is Jeff Miller, a Chicago furniture maker, teacher and author who defies every pigeonhole. In fact, if given the chance, he might just redesign...


Great Woodshops: Craftsmanship Done Safely

by Megan Fitzpatrick pages 84-87 From the June 2006 issue Woodworking teacher Kelly Mehler got his start in the schooling business in an unusual way. His first teaching job was to instruct patients at a rehabilitation center in woodworking basics using simple machinery. While working there, he took classes in the wood technology program...


Tommy Mac & ‘Rough Cut’

As ‘Rough Cut’ begins season two, we discover the host’s career path to television success. By Glen D. Huey Pages: 40-43 From the November issue #193 Buy this issue now I’m a firm believer that every person has a talent; everyone is great at something. To find that something and make it your life’s work is how you...

Legendary rocker. The iconic Maloof rocker has been made for presidents, celebrities and captains of industry. Maloof used templates to guide the rough work, but allowed the final form of each rocker to change in response to the wood.

Sam Maloof, 1916-2009

Sam Maloof, the son of Lebanese immigrants, was born in Chino, Calif., and served in the U.S. Army during World War II. He returned to Southern California after leaving the army in 1945, and married Alfreda Ward in 1948. Maloof began out of necessity building furniture for their house from salvaged materials....