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Chris Vesper’s small shop and home are filled completely with old tools, his machinery and his book collection.

Tools from Down Under

Chris Vesper strives for precision and perfection in toolmaking (and dancing). by Christopher Schwarz When it comes to settling the issue of who is the most dedicated toolmaker on the planet, Chris Vesper has the plumbing – or rather, the lack of it – as proof of his single-minded love of the craft. Several...

A proud Teacup without handles

A Teacup & 8 Dinner Plates

Not only living beings retain a soul; some objects do as well. by Toshio Odate The word “Pantheism” is defined as “the religious belief or philosophical doctrine, which identifies the universe with God.” And, “The doctrine that God is not a personality, but that all laws, forces and manifestations, etc. of the universe are...


Wall-mounted Server

A neat trick magically suspends this dining room project. by Steve Shanesy As empty nesters, my wife and I recently said goodbye to the family homestead and downsized to a smaller house. Our generously sized dining room was traded for “dining space” at the new place. Our dining room furniture wasn’t going to fit....

Double-bevel marquetry can add beauty to any woodworking project.

Double-bevel Artistry

A scrollsaw and simple steps yield stunning inlay results. by Jameel Abraham Picture a two-layer cake. Using a knife, cut a circle out of the middle while holding the knife perfectly vertical. You now have two cylinders of cake that you can easily pull out of the rest of the cake. Now start again...

Jameel is an accomplished woodworker and a principal at Benchcrafted, maker of high-quality woodworking bench vises and other woodworking tools and accessories.

Jameel Abraham: Benchcrafted Tools

This Iowa-born toolmaker, woodworker and luthier strives for perfection. by Steve Shanesy Family has clearly played an important role in the development of Iowa-born woodworker and toolmaker Jameel Abraham. In 2006, Jameel, along with his brother, Father John Abraham (an Orthodox priest), and their father founded Benchcrafted – makers of a handful of high-quality,...


End Grain: Working Memory

I do not stem from woodworking lineage, at least not the kind you hear about. My dad wasn’t overly handy. While growing up, I recall most things either went unfixed or someone else was called to remedy the situation. My grandfather worked as a maintenance man fixing this or that. Generally speaking though, grandpa was...

1516-tea-2-01 tea_cabinet_opener05

Sideboard Fit for Tea

Design without compromise: An exercise in high-end handwork By Geremy Coy pages 24-31 Sometimes a cup of tea is more than a cup of tea. Its surface may be still, its color translucent and its container unadorned. But in a single sip of hot water, you can taste the time of year the leaves were harvested,...

0615-1-Figure 24

Wired for Beauty

A rotary tool, hammer and a few shop-made tools are all it takes. by Don Williams pages 32-36 I recently had the opportunity to explore a concept that has been rattling around the dark recesses of my cranium for almost three decades. It was inspired first by a spectacular pair of curly juniper boards (also...


Compound Angles; No Math

Once you understand ‘resultant’ angles, sawbenches (and chairs) are easy. by Christopher Schwarz pages 37-41 Most first-time chairmakers are intimidated by the compound joinery used to fasten all the legs, stretchers, spindles and arms. The truth is, it can be quite complicated if you try to figure out everything using trigonometry. But if you...