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I haven’t had the muscle to get my daughter
Katherine’s workbench into the shop yet. But she still insists on using
it just about every day. Here is the scene Wednesday after school.

— Christopher Schwarz

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  • "What’s a Workbench Worth?" in the February issue and the photo of Katherine perched atop the bench makes me smile. Thanks for sharing it with us. More importantly, thanks for sharing your craft and time with your daughter.


  • Don Williams


    Simply a glorious visual. My older daughter (now working on her PhD in Physics) has only recently discovered the joys of craft. Still waiting on younger daughter.


    PS Books the size of Roubo really should be laid flat. Trust me, I know about saving stuff.

  • Marhk

    For Heaven’s sake – make the poor kid a desk!

    And then run it as an article In PW 😉

  • philip williams

    The first time I saw this pic, I could have sworn it was Megan perched on top of that bench.

  • Bill Melidones


    You are indeed blessed. An understanding wife, 2 beautiful daughters, a fine home, a passion for your work, and a child to share that passion with.

    As I said, you are blessed.


  • robert

    That’s a great image. When my boys were small (they’re still not big, they just much smaller) they would stand on my bench to "help." Now they have grown to the point that they actually can help, and are entering their teens, and shop time is great bonding time.

    Always kind of cool to stand back and admire at what you had a hand in making.

  • Chris G

    Why would you want to move that into the shop? As I recall, in one of your books you say that you’ve been trying for years to get your wife to let you keep a workbench in the main part of the house. Now that you finally got your way, I think its best to leave it where it is.


    Thanks for sharing this Chris! As the father of three daughters who are all grown now, it brings back fond memories! I miss my girls when they were at that age (I was still their "Hero" then. Now that they are in their twenties and thirties I think they’re on to me. Be careful, because at about Katherine’s age they develop the ability to draw paper currency out of your wallet just by waving their fingers! God Bless them all!

  • Sarah

    This made me smile. She clearly has a passion for the craft!

  • Christopher Schwarz

    The Nicholson lives at a friend’s house. Yes, I would build it with an angled leg vise again. I think it’s an excellent design that I should talk about more.


  • Michael Brady

    Talk about building workbenches like furniture! I know that you and Megan each have mentioned having benches in the living spaces of your homes. I’m not sure that even your lovely benches could persuade my bride that "this Cherry-top Roubo bench is just the piece that we have been looking for" to finish off the study. I don’t think I will ever hear her asking if she could turn up the TV volume until I am finished chopping a few dovetails. That will be something to strive for in my next marriage. Heh, heh.

  • Michael Brady

    I believe I recall Chris mentioning that he sold/gave the Nicholson bench to a friend.

  • Bit tangential, but whatever happened to the Nicholson bench you built for the first workbenches book? What was your long term take on it? Would you angle the front leg vise again?

  • jon

    My wife and I are expecting our first child, a daughter, any day now. This picture fuels my excitement for the adventure ahead. Thanks, Christopher!

  • Nate Hinkle

    That is an awesome picture! Is the top one piece of cherry, similar to yours?

  • Chris Kenney

    Hmmm. Do I spy a certain other WW mag on the right?

  • Farms

    Great picture!
    Maybe you should make a shop stool for her to sit on? At the very least someplace to set her backpack.

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