Book Giveaway: The Homemade Workshop

Homemade Workshop

Thanks for all the great comments! Congratulations to “Loxmyth” the winner of this book giveaway. Stay tuned for more exciting book giveaways and if you’re interested in a copy of “The Homemade Workshop” it is currently available at

What do you do when you need something for your shop? Do you spring for the new tool or machine you need without worrying about the cost? Probably not – few can afford outfit their shop with such wild abandon. But you’re a woodworker! Surely you can build some of the stuff you need, right?

That’s the attitude James Hamilton, creator of the popular Stumpy Nubs website, has about outfitting the workshop. He loves designing his own woodworking machines and jigs for less cost, more features and more bragging rights. His book “The Homemade Workshop” is a guide to building a wide range of projects for your shop including a sliding-top router table, a crosscut sled, a multi-function downdraft table, a table saw workstation and many others.

I’m giving away one copy of the book as this week’s giveaway. Simply post a comment and I’ll choose one winner at random. Winner will be chosen Wednesday 8/23/17. Good luck!


47 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: The Homemade Workshop

  1. Piep

    Equipment that I can build myself would really be a big help as my retirement income is rather tight.
    Count me in too.

  2. wayno315

    Looks like a great idea. Anytime I can update my shop and save money in the process is a win-win for everyone.

  3. zstucki

    I am just new into woodworking and furniture making. I think this would add a lot to improving my skill.

  4. Loxmyth

    Certainly interested. One of the other magazines featured some beautiful home-made tool designs, but they were rather high-end. Something more practical to start with would certainly be interesting.

  5. Olalbro

    I had to “Steal” Abby Hoffman’s book in 1968. Probably better if you just give me your book. I promise to actually read it and not just look at all the pictures. There are pictures????

  6. The Conductor

    I would love a book like this. I already have a few homemade stands, made from double-stacked particle boards braced by solid wood. However, I would really like to make a work bench with built-ins.

    I may buy this if I don’t win, so long as I can afford it. I have some space-saving ideas and I may be able to modify your plans to accept my ideas.

    No matter what, thanks for putting together a great book!

  7. cdbstl76

    I’m currently converting my garage into a new workshop, and this would be an invaluable addition and educational piece to help round this project out.

  8. DaKawa

    Just discovered this and what a great site you have here.
    I love the things you create and the tools you make.
    I would love a copy of your book.

    Regards from Belgium

  9. ndillon

    This would be perfect. I am currently in the process of building my first workshop from the ground up and will need all the resources I can get.

  10. Bill

    Scott, I have enjoyed the entertaining Stumpy Nubs (Uh, I mean James Hamilton’s) videos for years. I’m one of those guys that does a lot of research, enjoys the idea of woodworking and intends to get started – but somehow it never works out; probably because my desires overcome my budget. I’ve recently purchased an old Ryobi table saw and am attempting to make it functional again. If I’m able to do that “The Homemade Woodshop” would likely go a long way toward allowing me to have more of the tools I’d like to own. Thanks for providing an opportunity to win this useful resource and please sign me up for a chance to win. Thanks! Bill

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