Winners of Week 4 and Grand Prize! December to Remember 2017

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Hey folks, the December to Remember contest has come to a close! We are so excited about our winners this year!

December 22:  Chris Formato, California

December 23:  Patrick Cavanaugh, Mississippi

December 24:  Pat Flynn, Missouri

December 25:  Steven Okusky, Maine

December 26:  David LeTourneau, Maine

December 27:  James Suss, Massachusetts

December 28:  Phil Benzmiller, Minnesota

December 29: Kenneth Cooper, Oklahoma

December 30: Barry Johnson, Alabama

Grand Prize Winner

December 31: Jeff Arnold, Illinois



5 thoughts on “Winners of Week 4 and Grand Prize! December to Remember 2017

  1. briddoch

    Seems a little odd that the majority of winners were east of the Mississippi River. One from Colorado, California and a few from Texas. I don’t know the selection process but..

  2. briddoch

    Seems like a bias towards east of the Mississippi. One winner in Colorado, one in California a couple in Texas. Don’t know how they are picked but doesn’t seem random based on the states people were from???