Winners of Week 4 and Grand Prize! December to Remember 2017

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Hey folks, the December to Remember contest has come to a close! We are so excited about our winners this year!

December 22:  Chris Formato, California

December 23:  Patrick Cavanaugh, Mississippi

December 24:  Pat Flynn, Missouri

December 25:  Steven Okusky, Maine

December 26:  David LeTourneau, Maine

December 27:  James Suss, Massachusetts

December 28:  Phil Benzmiller, Minnesota

December 29: Kenneth Cooper, Oklahoma

December 30: Barry Johnson, Alabama

Grand Prize Winner

December 31: Jeff Arnold, Illinois



5 thoughts on “Winners of Week 4 and Grand Prize! December to Remember 2017

  1. briddoch

    Seems a little odd that the majority of winners were east of the Mississippi River. One from Colorado, California and a few from Texas. I don’t know the selection process but..

    1. David LyellDavid Lyell Post author

      Looking at the dashboard, that’s the way the entries skewed. Surprises me too!

  2. briddoch

    Seems like a bias towards east of the Mississippi. One winner in Colorado, one in California a couple in Texas. Don’t know how they are picked but doesn’t seem random based on the states people were from???

  3. Dstrbd

    another year of faithfully entering the contest every day…posting to Facebook and twitter….

    another year of disappointment

    1. Derrick

      I know what you mean, but there are lots of folks out there that read PWW and this blog and we all can’t win …

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