LiquiGlide: Hyper-slick Coating for All of Your Finishes

Hyper-slick Coating

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The new innovative coating is so slick that almost all the ketchup in this bottle slides to the bottom leaving the surfaces clean.

So I’m sitting at dinner trying to get the last of the ketchup out of the bottle pictured here when I noticed that almost none of the ketchup was left stuck to the inside of the container. The plastic was almost perfectly clean. Then I remembered reading about the new technology that was responsible for this.

The leading company behind the technology is LiquiGlide. The website is if you are interested in reading more about it and watching some videos of numerous products this technology works with – actually almost all liquids and gels, including paints, finishes and glues.

The technology was invented several years ago at MIT, followed by the LiquiGlide startup to market it. The technology is a little hard to describe. Here’s how Mark Daly at the company explains it:

“It’s a surface coating that’s applied to containers (or other surfaces) made up of two layers – a textured solid and a liquid that gets trapped into that solid to create a permanently wet layer that makes the paint slide.

“The solid and liquid are chosen to meet the needs of specific viscous materials – e.g., latex-based paint, oil-based paint, and virtually any sticky substance – and it’s customized.”

What a great innovation. Over time, we’ll save a lot of money being able to use everything in the container.

— Bob Flexner


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