Woodworking in America ’15 Registration is Now Open

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Registration is now open for Woodworking in America 2015. I hope to see you in Kansas City, Mo., Sept. 25-27, along with speakers Roy Underhill, Christopher Schwarz, Alf Sharp, Will Neptune, Phil Lowe, David Marks, Vic Tesolin, Marc Adams, Kevin Drake, Patrick Edwards, Tom Fidgen, James Hamilton, Mark Harrell, Donna Hill, Dave Jeske, Scott Meek, Jeff Miller, Deneb Puchalski, Mike Siemsen, Jarrod Stone Dahl, Don Williams, Nick Lieurance.Click here to read the 42 session descriptions. Click here to register (at the early-bird rate).

— Megan Fitzpatrick

p.s. I’m just hoping this year I don’t have to drive the truck.

2 thoughts on “Woodworking in America ’15 Registration is Now Open

  1. pmac

    Will some of the more interesting sessions (not that they aren’t all interesting) be taped for posterity and those who can’t make the pilgrimage?

    1. Megan FitzpatrickMegan Fitzpatrick Post author

      I’m sorry to say they will not. The content remains the intellectual property of the presenters, so we aren’t able to record it in more than small snippets. (Plus, we don’t want to put the cameras necessary for a good recording in the way of attendees.)

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