Woodworking in America 2015, Sept. 25-27

WIACLOGO_BI am pleased to announce that we’ve signed the site contract for Woodworking in America 2015. The dates? Sept. 25-27. The place? Let’s have a little fun with that for a few days.

• The city has a major league baseball team.
• It is the most populous city in the state.
• There are many municipal fountains.
• The state flag is predominantly red, white and blue.
• The city is located on a navigable river.
• There are a fair number of corporate headquarters for well-known companies.

More hints tomorrow; I’ll reveal the city…soon.

— Megan Fitzpatrick

44 thoughts on “Woodworking in America 2015, Sept. 25-27

  1. daniel51ca

    Megan, Megan, Megan
    You know you are making me hope a plane right? Portland is such a nice city too.. oh well, for this show I will set aside the fear of flying and make my way to the WIA show. This Old Workshop in the houssseee!!! really looking forward to it. Kansas city sounds like a nice place but I have not been to Missouri since the army so many years ago and it was winter at about -18 degrees (that’s a minus not a dash). We’re keeping an eye out for the “official” word then we can announce the heck out of it. Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

  2. garpet

    Ok, Megan… I will agree w/the skyline, it shows in the post site as Kansas City, Missouri. Definitely NOT Kansas City, Kansas since the state flag is solid blue with farmer and plow in the seal. But, KC, Missouri’s population is a little more than half of St. Louis’s,………… Hey “Cards”!

  3. John Cashman

    11 states have flags that are predominantly red, white and blue. 6 of those 11 do not have major league baseball teams.
    That leaves Colorado, Georgia, Missouri, Ohio and Texas. The most populous city in Ohio is Columbus, which does not have an MLB team.
    That leaves Denver, Atlanta, Kansas City, and Houston. They are the most populous cities in their state, have MLB teams, and have states with predominantly red white and blue flags.
    I leave the rest for you guys.

      1. John Cashman

        Farm Teams would have made it much tougher. I didn’t narrow down these cities with navigable rivers because that would have made it too easy.

  4. garpet

    Ok , It’s a strong possibility that it will be St Louis, Missouri. St Louis pop. is 933,548, Kansas City, 566,037. The Missouri River runs from the N.W. through K.C. to the East all the way across W. St. L. meeting The Mississippi River then the longest river in U.S. runs south to the Gulf. The State Flag looks like the French Flag with the same origins of fountains. The center seal has 2 bears on either side of it raised up on their hind legs touching it. There are many fountains: Fountains on Locust (restaurant), precision fountains, Fountain Park, Milles Fountain, Garden Fountains, Forest Park &Zoo, Sculptural Fountains, Missouri Botanical Gardens, and St. Ambrose (meeting of the water fountains) at Union Station; among probably others. NO, I’m not or never have lived there……. What say you Megan???

  5. Kyle Barton

    Also, Cincy is out unless they change the venue. The WIAs held there were actually across the river in Covington, Kentucky.

  6. AMarshall

    I’m going with St. Louis. All this trickery just to reveal it as Cinci in the end would be rotten!

    1. Megan FitzpatrickMegan Fitzpatrick Post author

      BWWWAAAHHHHHAAAAHHAAA. cough cough. Sorry — practicing my evil trickery laugh, just in case.

  7. jason.weaver

    Yes! Kansas City is the City of Fountains with the best MLB team (despite last night’s performance). We also have a mighty fine river, and the Missouri state flag is about as red, white and blue as you can get without removing the seal — but that would make us part of the Netherlands.

    1. AMarshall

      But isn’t St.Louis the more populous city in Missouri? Ha, Megan set up some good loopholes on this one.

      1. ahae5d

        Depends on how you calculate it. Kansas City is the largest City, but St. Louis is the largest metro area.

      1. Frank Vucolo

        Houston is the most populous city in Texas according to that most reliable of resources: Wikipedia.

        1. Kyle Barton

          But neither Dallas or Houston has a navigable river. The Trinity river for Dallas or the Ship Channel for Houston would be a stretch.

          1. Megan FitzpatrickMegan Fitzpatrick Post author

            The definition of “navigable” may depend on the size of your conveyance.

            1. AMarshall

              Or in the case of the Chattahoochee in Atlanta, which is navigated commonly on inner tubes, your posterior.

            2. ahae5d

              Correct. Established in Kaiser Aetna v. United States, 444 U.S. 164, 100 S. Ct. 383, 62 L. Ed. 2d 332, the tests ask whether the body of water (1) is subject to the ebb and flow of the tide, (2) connects with a continuous interstate waterway, (3) has navigable capacity, and (4) is actually navigable. Using these tests, courts have held that bodies of water much smaller than lakes and rivers also constitute navigable waters. Even shallow streams that are traversable only by canoe have met the test.

    1. Matt_Rob

      I went ahead and made reservations next to the Bartle Hall Convention Center.I hope they are not playing baseball again next year at this time. It is also home to the Negro League Hall of Fame.Warren Buffets’ home town of Omaha Ne is 185 miles away,592 miles from Cincinnati Oh.557 from Nashville Tn. With so many fountains would they get mad if you used one for a shower? That way i skip the room,sleep in the back of the truck= more for tools.

        1. ahae5d

          True, but Kansas City is the “City of Fountains”; only Rome has more city fountains 🙂
          I lived there many years ago.

        2. tahoetwobears

          Kansas City, Missouri should be the correct answer, but Atlanta fits the bill as well, but I can’t determine the number of fountains there.

          1. Megan FitzpatrickMegan Fitzpatrick Post author

            There are at least a couple other cities that fit all these points. Just sayin’. (C’mon people…I spent hours at least 20 minutes on Wikipedia working on this!)

          2. AMarshall

            As an Atlanta dweller, calling the Chattahoochee navigable would be somebody’s idea of a cruel joke.

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