Enter “Tricks of the Trade” Contest

Here’s a great example of the sort of “trick” we hope never to see again!

Like money, good woodworking tips and tricks don’t grow on trees. But if you have a trick or two, send them along and you might convert them to cash. If you submit one of the top three tricks before December 1 this year you’ll win some extra prizes as well.

We’re getting a head start on “Tricks of the Trade” for the coming year. To get the ball rolling we’re staging a little contest. In addition to the regular payment of between $50 and $100 for an accepted trick submission, or the $250 Lee Valley/Veritas gift certificate for the best trick of the issue, the top three trick submissions during the contest will also receive a copy of Jeff Miller’s new book “The Foundations of Better Woodworking” and a DVD containing season 20 of Roy Underhill’s “The Woodwright’s Shop” TV Show.

Submit your trick by clicking on my name below, or send to popwoodtricks@fwmedia.com.

– Steve Shanesy


5 thoughts on “Enter “Tricks of the Trade” Contest

  1. shannonlove

    I think the only woodworking “tips” I have are the fingertips I left in the workshop. Okay, not really, but dang close.

    1. Steve ShanesySteve Shanesy Post author

      Hi, Bill,
      The contest is for tips submitted today and going forward to December 1.
      But I do thank you for your submission. I think your tip was suggested and will appear in the February issue.
      Please feel free to send along any others you have.

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