Caption the Photo Contest

Long-time carpenter and Popular Woodworking Magazine contributor Carl Bilderback sent me this image a few days back, and said I should come up with a clever caption about it being a baby picture of housewright Ron Herman. But I seem to be fresh out of clever – so I’m leaving it in your hands. Submit your caption of 50 or fewer words in the comments section by midnight on Sunday (Oct. 23). The writer of whichever caption I find to be the most amusing will win one copy each of Ron’s “Sharpen Your Handsaws” and “The Joinery Challenge” videos.

Yes, it’s awfully subjective – but this might help: Monty Python? Hilarious. Anything with Will Ferrell? Couldn’t tell you, because I refuse to watch it. “Strindberg & Helium?” Funniest. Cartoon. Ever. (And Ser Schwarz is pretty funny too…at least when he’s channeling Monty Python.)

— Megan Fitzpatrick


58 thoughts on “Caption the Photo Contest



  2. carheir

    Is this the best you can do? Where are all those Disstons and such you are always bragging about to your wood buddies?

  3. bryce

    Oh drat, I’ll never grow up to be a WIA rock star if I don’t quit breaking the handles when sharpening these saws.

  4. tman02

    What? Oh, when you said “now for something completely different” I was thinking “Okay! You know, if that handle were angled more…”
    But you meant different as in sharpening a rip saw today. Sorry!

  5. pathdoc60

    Get a handle on it Grandpa Ron, I thought you said you were going to tote me to the see-saw to sharpen my skills, not teach me skills at sharpening a saw and fixing a tote.

  6. Wood Man Dan

    I’m learning to play the saw,
    But there seems to be a flaw,
    My fingers are getting raw.

    I’d like to play some Handel,
    but I think I broke my handle.

    So upon reflection,
    I’m taking another direction,

    Maybe I’ll learn to draw.

  7. George West

    A little known, and very sad fact is that young Ron was sold into slavery at age 2 by his parents so they could afford cable TV. His masters were a band of traveling minstrel saw sharpeners who immediately pressed Ron into service sharpening hundreds of saws a day.

    1. esincox

      (A modern take, vis-a-vis the E*Trade Baby)

      “My buddy, Ron, said if I taught him how to invest on-line then he’d show me how to sharpen a saw… Ouch! Hey, isn’t there an app for this?”

  8. Stl_6string

    “Oh, I see, solitary. Just a man and his thoughts. And his file. And a his vise. Nobody knows…”

  9. gdblake

    Let him cut his baby teeth on this. When he’s ready for his permanent teeth I’ll upgrade him to a set of Seaton tool chest saws.

  10. tsstahl

    Right. I know I only have two years ‘prenticeship under me belt, but I built my own high chair. Mum says I can work for sixpence an hour plus lollipops.

  11. robert

    Dull, spineless and broke is no way to go through life – But it is a hell of a way to fit in with the rest of society.

  12. jesse.toland

    Look Dad! I sharpen your saw for you! Handle? No, don’t look at the handle Dad. Here! I sharpen your saw!

  13. DrMikesFan

    If Dad gives me one more lousy saw to sharpen,I’m using my hammer on something besides my plane iron!

  14. jkuszewski

    Careful, kid, you’ll shoot your eye out. Errum, I mean, saw your leg off. Or at least prick your finger. Those teeth are pointy!

  15. almartin

    This saw handle ‘as kicked the bucket, it’s shuffled off it’s mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin’ choir invisibile!!


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