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Woodworking in America 2010 is Sold Out

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As of 10 minutes ago, Woodworking in America is officially sold out. You can still sign up for a waiting list here or come and attend the amazing Marketplace that we have put together (admission to the Marketplace will be $7).

This will be the biggest Woodworking in America event yet. To ensure it’s also the best one yet, we have secured additional space for instruction, we have brought on more than 60 vendors for the Marketplace (all woodworking-related), and we are even bringing in a traveling tool collection from John Sindelar that will make you (add hyperbolic verb here).

Thanks to all our customers who have supported us during these last three years to build Woodworking in America into one amazing orgy of tools, instruction and , dare I say it , community. We couldn’t do it without you.

– Christopher Schwarz

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  • Jonathan

    Congratulations on a job well done. See you in October!

  • Christopher Schwarz


    You are right that we do want people to come, but we also have to balance our budget. This show is very expensive to put on.

    Most woodworking shows include some sort of admission charge. And I promise this will be worth $7. Heck, I’d pay that just to see Sindelar’s tool museum.


  • Gene

    I’m not sure I understand the concept of charging admission to the marketplace. Won’t that limit the number of people who shop (and buy)? I’m guessing that WIA won’t the the only group at the Convention Center. Wouldn’t more foot traffic be desirable? Or is the intent to limit traffic to those who are truly interested?

    I’m just curious. Not trying to provoke another debate, a la the "Free Sample" blog post.

    (Full disclosure – I work in downtown Cincinnati, and will probably visit the Marketplace during lunch on Friday, admission fee or no admission fee.)

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