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For Frame-saw Nuts Only

Jeff Burks of is
a patent-searching madman. And his insanity is your gain. He’s been
assembling patents on coping saws, Buhle saws, bow saws and their blades
and collecting them into a handy pdf that will delight and bewilder

See the Fenner patent saw (above). Marvel at the saw-filing
vise designed for coping saw blades (you read that right). And hoot at
the coping saw made from one piece of twisted wire.

Download Jeff’s document for free by clicking this link:

It’s 229 pages long. And it’s a work in progress. More to come.

— Christopher Schwarz

One thought on “For Frame-saw Nuts Only

  1. Jeff Burks

    Ah, I didn’t know Chris was going to blog about this one! This is one of those unfinished and unedited files that I don’t show anybody because they are such a mess. Oh well I guess this is a good reminder that I should stop goofing off and finish it.

    BTW Chris, are you suggesting that you just toss your used coping saw blades without attempting to sharpen them at least 5 or 6 times? I’m shocked!

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