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Download a Free Excerpt from 'Elementary Turning'

Several people have asked if our historical reprint of “Elementary Turning for Use in Manual Training Classes
will include the original photos or drawings. Or if it will be a messy
scan, like something you would download from GoogleBooks that is just
barely readable.

In other words, they are trying to ask (nicely) if we are trying to rip them off.

question. The answer is “no.” Our version of “Elementary Turning” is
complete. We spent considerable money and time to scan and clean up the
pages. To give you a quick taste of what this book looks like (and a few
of the lessons in it), I invite you to download the free PDF excerpt
below. The excerpt contains two of the basic lessons and several of the
advanced ones.

ElemTurning_excerpt.pdf (3.73 MB)

And if you like it, you can pre-order your copy from our store with this direct link.

— Christopher Schwarz

9 thoughts on “Download a Free Excerpt from 'Elementary Turning'

  1. Brian

    Cool book. I especially like the guys in the suits and ties turning, but I think I’ll leave mine off next time I’m in front of the lathe.

    I do have a question though – why not offer this book as a pdf download for purchase?

    Brian Effinger

  2. Joel Jacobson

    I can see it now:

    A dramatic surge in the number of shop-made gavels. Many meeting will soon be more orderly.

  3. megan

    actually, the tie is nothing — to my mind, the best images in the book are of the woman in the floor-length skirt and pinafore.

  4. Gary Roberts

    Chris… Excellent! Selden is one of my favorite authors so it’s good to see him back in print. Even if ties and spats were the requirement in those Pre-OSHA days.

    I’ve a half dozen or so glass plate negatives Selden used in his books. Not sure if any are for the Turning book, but I’ll dig them up and take a look-see.

    Keep up the great work.


  5. Christopher Schwarz


    Not to be snippy, but I didn’t say the GoogleBook’s version of this title was bad. Overall — they are bad.


  6. Ken

    Come on Chris, your version is better than the Google Books free download, but I would hardly characterize the Google version as "barely readable". I would say there is "barely any difference" in the two versions.

  7. Chris G

    I don’t Chris. Wearing a tie next to a lathe just seems like a recipe for disaster. Are you sure you want to recommend/sell this book? 🙂

    Chris G

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