Book Giveaway: Wooden Toys

Wooden ToysThanks for all the great comments! Congratulations to “RicLloyd” the winner of this book giveaway. Stay tuned for more exciting book giveaways and if you’re interested in a copy of “Making Classic Wooden Toys” it is currently available at

Last night my kids unearthed a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer book for a bedtime story. I desperately tried to steer them back toward our wide selection of Halloween books that I’ve arranged prominently on their bookshelf. But alas, while they’re excited for Halloween, the inevitable holiday season looms large on the horizon like the Death Star in Rogue One. Apparently I need to get my holiday planning underway.

And so, this week’s giveaway is intended to help you with your own holiday gift-giving. “Making Classic Wooden Toys” offers 21 step-by-step projects for making toys, games, puzzles and gadgets sure to please the little people in your life.

game table

Simply post a comment below and I’ll choose one winner at random. The winner will be announced Monday 10/23. Good luck!

25 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: Wooden Toys

  1. flyghboy

    My son is 1, and there are a lot of toys in here that would be perfect for him to play with, and for me to learn woodworking with.

  2. Seminole09

    I have been looking for a way to jump into woodworking as a hobby. Classic wooden toys seems to be the perfect place! Count me in!

  3. PapaBear302

    Always looking for something new to make for the Grandkids or for them to make for themselves.

  4. rustycolbert

    That is awesome. I still have my Popular Mechanics encyclopedias from when I was a boy, and recently went through to find all the toys and games that could be made from wood. They just seem so much more wholesome for your children to play with.

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