Book Giveaway: Classic Furniture Styles

Classic American Furniture

Thanks for all the great comments! Congratulations to “Mac” the winner of this book giveaway. Stay tuned for more exciting book giveaways and if you’re interested in a copy of “Classic American Furniture” it is currently available at

Some styles just endure, pure and simple. Classic furniture styles such as Shaker and Arts & Crafts continue to stand the test of time. It’s a testament to the beauty and functionality of the designs. This week’s book giveaway for a copy of “Classic American Furniture” offers 20 projects from Christopher Schwarz and the editors at Popular Woodworking. Projects include cupboards, cabinets, tables, sideboards, mirrors and shelving. It also offers valuable helpful insight into topics such as finger joints, through mortises, wedge tenons, splines, panel glue-ups and finishing techniques.

One copy of the book is up for grabs this week. Simply post a comment and I’ll choose a winner at random. The winner will be chosen on Monday 8/28/17. Good luck!

40 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: Classic Furniture Styles


    A few weeks ago I had checked this out from the Library. The projects are very well detailed. Unfortunately when you borrow a book you don’t have time to get into building something. You just get a few ideas of what you might build in the future when you can afford to buy the book.

  2. Rcampbell43

    Sweet. I’m currently working on a Shaker wall clock and would love to see some other Shaker projects.

  3. Kurt

    Since I am just really getting started making furniture this book would be a God send. Thanks for all the great info.

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