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marking knifeThe Veritas Workshop Striking Knife (I just call it a “marking knife” or “knife”) is my new Fridge Super Magnet. Huh?

Well, on the rare times I actually remember to place my orders during one of Lee Valley’s free shipping events (instead of what usually ends up being two days before or after said events), in order to reach the spend threshold to qualify for the free shipping, I inevitably have to add an item. That item used to be the Fridge Super Magnet (those bad boys can hold many sheets of paper…such as the coupons I stick to the side of my refrigerator then forget to use).

But after I tried the well-priced marking knife, I decided I had enough magnets. And you can never have too many marking knives – at least not when you loan them out as much as I do, anyway.

This spear-point knife (you can read more about the form here) has an A2 blade with a 55° included angle, and a sharp 25° edge that leaves a nice, crisp line.

Do I prefer a wood-handled knife? Yep – but you’re not going to find that for $12.50.

I always keep at least one of these in my tool chest and a few at my desk. That way, when someone needs to borrow a knife, I have one to hand her or him that is quite good, but also one I won’t cry over if it, say, makes its way into not my tool chest.

— Megan Fitzpatrick

blue spruce marking knifeP.S. Had the Veritas Workshop Striking Knife been available when I first began woodworking, it’s possible I would never have bought the cocobolo-handled small marking knife from Blue Spruce Toolworks. But I did, and I love it so much that I recently bought another from Dave Jeske (it has a interchangeable blades so that’s the justification – but really, I couldn’t resist the combination of blue and silver).

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