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The February Issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine is one of the more rewarding issues I’ve worked on in my (relatively short) time here at the magazine. In particular, two articles stand out as shining examples of the work we do here at the magazine.

Ben Brunick, the talented lead at Chalkstone Woodworking in Yankton, S.D., brought us an intuitive and clever means of making solid, tenoned arches. While the article is wonderful in its own right, even more inspiring is seeing Ben’s build here in the PW offices. Every day, I walk by Ben’s magnificent arched door, with simple art-deco glass and elegant white oak and I get excited for all of the techniques and tricks I’ve picked up by reading and writing for the magazine.

Another great feature in this issue that excited me as an editor, is Peter Follansbee’s complementary double offerings. Peter’s “Arts & Mysteries” contributions are always an interesting window into his style of traditional woodworking – and February’s A&M column on “Lunette & Floral Carving” is the perfect coupling to his larger feature on building a 17th-century Desk Box. Together, they present an insight into both the period joinery and carving that Peter has so beautifully brought to light. He presents thorough education both on the history of the pieces, as well as period techniques that any reader can follow and recreate in their own shop.

So, I hope this issue reaches you in the same excited state with which it departed our offices and moves you to get in the shop and build!

Happy working,
Brendan Gaffney

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