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Ok, Daughter wanted a small Dinette Table for the kitchen.    I had some old planks down in the Dungeon Shop.  Milled up an old Oak 2×8 into four leg blanks.This is what passes as a tablesaw nowadays.    I used the edge of the saw's base to set the width of the rip.   Then a little handplane work to taper the blanks I marked out the taper, and started at the foot, working my way back up the leg.   Last pass gave me a tapered leg, and I didn't even have to sand anything.   Next up, aprons and a top.   Top was the easy part.   I had an old waterbed frame side, a 2×10 of pine.   Crosscut into two 36" long slabs.   Now, waterbeds sit on a plywood base, and ther side frames have a rabate  along one edge.   I flipped one slab over, planed the two rebates to match each other, and off to the clamps it went,  more about that  later.   Aprons:  I had some old 1x oak.   Just some nasty stuff.  Cut a pattern out for the ends and the front & back ones.  I hate straight aprons.  Here is both the top, and the aprons.  Not having a tablesaw might have slowed things a bit?   Nope, this is to be a "Hand-made"  project.   Aprons needed tenons.   Laid them out, cut the shoulder line with a coping saw, and chopped the waste away with a chisel.   Pared down to the lines, flipped the apron and made anothe side.  Ths is what a handtool tenon looks like.  i think each tenon might have taken 10 minutes, start to finish.  As for cutting these aprons to length?    A Hand saw was used, of course.  Ok, got the tenons done, back to the legs.  Needed a few mortises for the tenons tot go into.  Over the years, I grew tired of "blowouts at the top of the legs.   So, I just made the mortise go on out the end of the leg.    I used that coping saw (again) to kerf a line  Then a chisel to mark the bottom of the mortise.  I just chopped a square hole near where the mortise ended. , using a 5/16" chisel.    I then used the same chisel to "pop out" the waste.    looks like a part two, coming up?

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