Artisan Geometry

The universal and timeless structure of our imaginations. Woodworking spans the globe and is a common thread linking humans across the ages. This craft shares a basic tool kit across time and [...]

Making Sense of Forms

Early 20th-century filmmakers used time-lapse photography to dazzle audiences with never-before-seen images of flowers emerging and bursting into bloom. Critics with Victorian sensibilities [...]

Secrets of the Cyma Curve

Invisible lines and circles explain the beauty of a series of fair curves. I can still remember Holloway’s farmhouse. Even in summer when the fireplace was cold, the smell of wood smoke lingered [...]

Great Legs

The black stallion’s name was Step. Marvin, the only man I ever saw ride him, called him simply “the horse,” his raspy Southern voice pausing for emphasis. I was 5 years old the first time I laid [...]

Adding Curves to Your Toolkit

A lot of woodworkers shy away from curves. There’s plenty of reasons for this. For starters, some of the common power tools are built for rectangular construction, a table saw is a good example. [...]

Design Matters: Mix and Match

Sometimes mixing it up yields a perfect pairing. I usually try to wiggle my way out of it. Repairing furniture that is. Seems everyone has a wobbly chair or a drawer that sticks on a dresser, and [...]

Design Matters: Spice It Up With Rhythm

Spice It Up With Rhythm Subtle use of patterns and repeating motifs please the eye. I was waiting on a phone call so I didn’t think twice when my phone rang. Two words in and I hung up the call. [...]

Design Matters: Two Looks

Out of the corner of my eye it caught my attention, a fire-engine red 1966 Chevy Impala Super Sport. Memories  flooded back to my first car, a model just like this except mine was green with a [...]

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