Twin Kitchen Hutches #22


Finally it’s time for the glue-up. The pieces rest on a heavy piece of raw cardboard to prevent any mess on my workbench. Everything is at arm’s reach for this fast glue-up; clamps, workpieces, glue, brush, panels. When the temperature is high, as of today, the glue dries quickly.



A small important detail : I like to smooth out the tip of the tenons to prevent the glue from being pushed down towards the bottom, and to ease the slippage.



To minimize glue squezze out, a thin bead is enough on the tenon.  I spread the glue with a brush on the tenon only.  Preventing the glue from spreading on the shoulder will minimize glue squeezze out. 


Before clamping, I align the workpieces with a mallet and a blocl of wood.



This is the most important glue squeeze out that I had. Note that all the joints were indexed.



Once clamped, I measure the diagonals. If they are equal, squareness is garanteed.



The two doors are assembled and glued.



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