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Is SketchUp Bugging You?

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My job is to post weekly, here on the American Woodworker Contributor's Blogs, on a SketchUp topic I think will be of interest to the readers. I would very much like to encourage readers to suggest topics of interest and to make this SketchUp blog an interactive and helpful tool. American Woodworker has provided me the technology to assist SketchUp users through the written word, graphics and video, but I need your assistance to decide which topics to cover. So if you have a topic you would like covered, an area of SketchUp that is giving you trouble, or an area you would like to become more proficient in, please contact me with your recommendation in one of the following ways:

  1. Leave a comment on this or any of my posts.
  2. Email me at .
  3. Contact me through my own website via my Contact page.

I answer all email and requests for SketchUp help. If you are struggling with a model, send me your .skp file with an explanation of the problem you are having and I will write you with the solution. Sometimes I will send you a short video when words are too cumbersome or make contact via phone to walk you through the problem. Don

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