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Several customers have asked why the pages in their brand new copy of “Handplane Essentials” have a slight wave to them, like David Hasselhoff’s hair in a botanical garden.

The good news is that the wave should go away in a couple weeks. If you want to know why this happened, read on.

Because paper is a wood by-product, it is also somewhat hygroscopic, meaning that it can absorb moisture, according to our manufacturing department. We printed this book here in Ohio, where it has been very wet. After all the pages were printed, they sat at the printer for a few days while they awaited time in the bindery. During that time, the pages absorbed some moisture and got a little wavy.

As the books acclimate to your environment (like wood acclimates to your shop) they will flatten out.

We received some of the first copies from the bindery and they had the wave to them. Those first copies are indeed flattening out.

I’m told this is actually a common malady. But when you print books overseas, the books have a good long time in a container ship to acclimate.

– Christopher Schwarz

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  • Jeremy


    I emailed Lee Valley Customer support. The book is going to be in the Sept catalog and will be in the stores early Sept, the product # is 20L0252.

  • Christopher Schwarz


    Lee Valley has received a large load of the books. I don’t know when they’ll show up in their inventory, but I would guess it will be soon.


  • Jeremy

    Will the book be at the Lee Valley stores in Canada? I was there (Calgary) the other day and no one seemed to know about it.

  • Dave Niemann

    Hey Chris,

    Thanks for the explanation about the wavy pages. I received my copy last week and didn’t get to start reading it until a couple of days ago. I noticed the wave, but thought it was just a printing anomaly. I live in dry Colorado and it will probably be gone pretty quick.

    BTW, I love the book! I’m relatively new to woodworking and try to learn and read as much as I can. I’ve read your articles in the magazines and e-newsletters and I think your writing style is both informative and entertaining. There’s something in every article for both seasoned woodworkers as well as newbies like myself. Please keep it up!




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