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About Tim Yoder

Tim Yoder is a woodturner from Tulsa, Oklahoma. He starred in Woodturning Workshop on PBS for four years and now hosts Woodturning with Tim, which is shown on with new episodes every other week. Tim won an Emmy for his work on Woodturning Workshop and a second in his day job as a television producer for RSU Public TV in Norman. Always see the latest episode of Woodturning with Tim Yoder here.

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Tim Yoder Launches Popular Woodturning Show (In His Own Words)

When Kevin Ireland (the publisher of “Popular Woodworking Magazine” & “American Woodworker”) asked me to write a blog about our new show Woodturning with Tim Yoder, I winced a little. After all, I am a talker – not a writer. The thought of putting pen to paper or keyboard to computer...