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End Grain: Sandpaper Drawer

 In June 2010 #183, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

The lessons I learned from Dad’s crumpled and worn-out abrasives.
By Joe Barnhart
Page: 64

From the June 2010 issue #183
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Whether you’re a professional or hobbyist woodworker, having a keen sense of proper material utilization reduces the cost of projects while extending increasingly hard-to-find resources. Conservation means taking advantage of carefully thought-out plans, cut lists and diagrams, board selection and myriad other techniques – all while avoiding mistakes.

Building Baltic birch plywood drawer boxes the other day, it dawned on me that I’d forgotten to allow space for the full-extension slides. I’m avoiding my accompanying phraseology here; let’s just say I threw an immature tantrum, then trimmed the parts. Later, I wondered what childhood woodworking experience would cause such a negative reaction.

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From the June 2010 issue #183
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