Not a Cat Wrangler After All

So this was supposed to be an at least vaguely amusing post about Woodworker’s Safety Week. You see, Kari Hultman (a.k.a. The Village Carpenter), posted a funny blog entry in honor of Safety Week with pictures of her dogs.

Now, you could say that I’m a bit of an ailurophile , so I came up with an idea (in retrospect, it was an idea doomed from the start), to use one of my cats’ paws as if it were a toothing plane. So just before we left work today, Editor Christopher Schwarz (also a cat lover) took a few passes on a piece of pine with a toothing plane, and I took it home to mock up a picture of my youngest cat scratching furrows in the board, then a picture of her claws with little plastic sleeves (cut from coffee stirrers) to show how to properly store your pawlane (say it fast — it almost works) when it’s not in use.

Yeah, that didn’t work so well. I have furrows in my arm instead.

– Megan Fitzpatrick

3 thoughts on “Not a Cat Wrangler After All

  1. John


    By now the cat scratch fever will have set in. Hope that’s going ok.

    My pawlanes only have rear cutters. Will your techniques work with this model too?

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