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Veritas is just about ready to release two new skew rabbet planes, which cut rabbets both with and across the grain. These full-featured planes are fundamental tools in the shop of a hand-tool woodworker. We take a look at this new plane, which was unveiled at IWF, and take it for a test drive.

– Christopher Schwarz


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  • Peter Clifford

    It looks like the "Wives Against Schwarz" club may get some competition from the "Wives Against Lee" members. Thanks very much for the informative video post.

  • John Cashman

    Very nice. I’ve been waiting for someone to come out with a new version of the Stanley 289 for a long while, and it looks like Lee Valley has done it one better. Time to start saving my pennies again.

  • Graham Hughes

    This is quite interesting. I’ve been suffering through using a #78, but I love the company’s small plow.

  • Pat Delaney

    Chris, thanks for the post, I have been wanting something better than my ECE plane which is hard to adjust and doesn’t work as good as a skew plane on cross grain. It looks just like their small plow plane which I really enjoy using. So I expect these planes will be just as easy to setup, comfortable to use and with great performance results. I just ordered the set and am really looking forward to using them in the shop.

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