Greene and Greene Fans Get Ready

Last October, David Mathias reported from Pasadena’s Craftsman Weekend with photos and first hand accounts of the events. The only criticism we received was that these reports were too late for those who wanted to attend. Consider this as a wake up call, this year’s events have been announced, and tickets go on sale in a few days. If you’re a fan of the work of Greene & Greene, you’ll want to be there. This is also the one hundredth anniversary of the Gamble House, and there are a number of special events taking place to commemorate this milestone.

(photo above by Darrell Peart)
We couldn’t keep David here in Ohio, and last March he returned to California, camera in hand to take the photos we’re featuring in a special three-part series of articles on Greene and Greene. If you’ve seen the August issue of Popular Woodworking you’ve seen part one, along with an online slide show of detail photos we couldn’t squeeze into the printed magazine. The second article, coming in the October issue will show details of Greene and Greene furniture that have never been published before. The picture above is one example, and once again additional photos will appear online when the article is published.

David also traveled to several museums, tracking down original pieces of Greene and Greene furniture, such as this table from the Blacker House. If you’re wondering how the table extension mechanism works, we’ll be showing a photo from below. You can always tell the woodworkers when you visit a museum or old house, they are the ones with dust on their knees and backs from crawling on the floor to get a better look. This article is the next best thing to seeing this amazing furniture in person, and you won’t have to worry about setting off an alarm, or having a security guard escort you to the nearest exit.

If you’d rather see things in person, or want more information on Greene and Greene, David put together a resource list, which you can download by clicking on this link.
GNGWWResource.pdf (48.49 KB)
That should keep you busy until the October issue arrives. If you’re looking for more, try a search on “Greene and Greene” here on the blog, or on the main Popular Woodworking web site.

–Bob Lang