2016 Issues of Popular Woodworking Magazine - Popular Woodworking Magazine


February 2016

  • Why Portable Planers are Better
  • Shop-Made Bandings
  • Marco Terenzi’s Scale-Model Tools
  • Bow Shelves
  • Nice Curves, No Math


April 2016

  • Roubo Moulding Planes
  • Guerrilla Guide to Spray Finishing
  • A Baillie Scott Side Table
  • The Core Hand Tools
  • Albrecht Dürer’s 1514 “Melecolia I”
  • What’s Next for Mike Dunbar

June 2016

  • Arts & Crafts-inspired maple medicine cabinet
  • Draw Your Way to Better Woodworking
  • The First Trestle Tables
  • Build a Queen Anne strop box
  • Karl Holtey’s final production plane

August 2016

  • Roy Underhill’s double spring pole lathe
  • “The Real Truth About Block Planes”
  • Turn historic, handled vessels with a pole lathe.
  • Build a handsome, wall-hung tool till
  • “Lumberyard Prep”

October 2016

  • Lidless Shaker boxes
  • A traditional Danish surface made from soap
  • “Old Arn”
  • Painting with beer
  • “Tool Test”


November 2016

  • “Art of Concealment”
  • “Cabriole Legs by Hand”
  • Meet Brendan Burnhardt Gaffney
  • Bosch’s REAXX safety table saw “Tool Test”

December 2016

  • How Offerman Woodshop manager RH Lee finds creativity in commission.
  • To practice deliberate repetition for design mastery with George Walker.
  • About a wedged sliding mortise gauge Peter Follansbee found at an antique sale.
  • What impact changing VOC laws will have on your finishing practices.

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