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A Heavy Load and a Long Road to Haul

A few of us have been kvetching lately about tired, aching feet after a long day in our concrete-floored shop. (Still, I’d rather have sore feet than a sore butt from sitting in front of [...]

Sharpening: Here's What I See

I’m fairly well convinced that my ears are different than yours. The music I like isn’t going to sound the same to you. It’s almost impossible for me to share with another [...]

Scaffold Table


No Axe-wielding to See Here

A few days ago, I took a poll to see what should be done with my decades-old, ugly (but functional) L-bracket-built bookcases. Frankly, I’m surprised the chain-saw option wasn’t more [...]

Channeling Danny Proulx's Ghost

When Danny Proulx was about a third done writing his book, “50 Shop-Made Jigs & Fixtures,” he suddenly passed away. He was at a woodworking show in Ottawa, Ontario, doing what he [...]

Bosch: Innovation and a New Technology

Recently the Bosch Power Tools and Accessories division of Robert Bosch Tool Corporation held an event held in Arlington Heights, Ill. Managing Editor Megan Fitzpatrick was in attendance and [...]

A Big Truck Showed Up at Our Door Today

As Editor Christopher Schwarz and I were leaving to get coffee at lunchtime today, a big panel truck pulled up to our loading dock , so we hightailed it to Chris’s car. But Senior Editor [...]

How to Stop Bamboo From Exploding

It’s a good thing that I keep a change of clothes at work. And that I don’t wear leopard-print underwear. OK, let’s back up a minute. This morning I’m finishing up work on [...]

Plane Soles: Ham Hands Make Iron Bananas

While teaching a class on handplanes this weekend, one student in particular was having a heck of a time with his Veritas No. 4-1/2 smoothing plane. Let’s call him Mr. Papanicolaou. (I just [...]

Rolling Clamp Rack

When you’ve got so many clamps that it’s a problem getting them to where the work is being done, build this rolling clamp rack!

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