Video: Traditional Danish Soap Finish

In this video excerpt from “No-Fear Chairmaking,” Christopher Schwarz shows you how to use soap flakes (or grated soap) and water to make two varieties of traditional Danish soap finish. This finish is fast and easy to make, there are no VOCs about which to worry, and it is quite easy to apply. Plus, you’ll walk away with cleaner hands than when you started…

If you’re interested in the building the chair shown in this excerpt, check out the full “No-Fear Chairmaking” video, available at; it’s also included (along with 500+ other woodworking videos) on our streaming video subscription site:

Soap is a quite popular finish for furniture and floors in Denmark and other Northern European countries. It imparts an almost completely flat look, typically looks best on lighter-colored woods and does have to be renewed from time to time – how often depends on wear, of course. But re-application is easy, too.

— Megan Fitzpatrick

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