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Note to Self on Future Hires

Early Modern Drama majors are enablers. They have fancy library cards and access to stuff that makes you pasty white and boring at parties. I used to have friends. People used to say they liked me.

– Christopher Schwarz

24 thoughts on “Note to Self on Future Hires

  1. james

    So Megan is a drama major? That explains a lot.

    Yes, it does. Ms Megan deleted a post of mine on the Beer Week thread. Weird thing is, my post was an EXACT take off on one of the food network TV ladies who was describing chocolate. The only change was that i substituted the word beer for chocolate. Guesses the food network ladies are to racy for drama mama’s.

  2. James Watriss

    Oh My.

    Is it a bad sign that this is starting to sound like a group of my own (highly academicicized and intellectual) friends up here in Boston?

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