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Followers of George Walker’s furniture design blog and magazine column know that there is an easy way to learn this stuff. You simply do not need to reinvent the wheel (or the chair) to learn how to design furniture. All you really need is a little inspiration, some practice sketching and a good sense of proportion.

“Wait a sec,” you’re saying. “Where do I get a little inspiration and a good sense of proportion?” Well, if you want to get it in one place, download our free PDF now – the best of George Walker on wood furniture design!

Before you go and invest in furniture design software or courses, just read our FREE download, grab some paper and a pencil – and give it a shot.

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Here are some of the 100% common sense furniture design tips you will learn:

Wood furniture design tips

1. It starts with trees. We all know wood comes from trees, but did you know wood furniture design can come from basically the same place? Nature is a terrific source for new ideas. The trick, as George explains it, is not to sit there and marvel “through the car window,” but dig into furniture design just as nature-lovers dig into the outdoors!

wooden furniture design tips

2. Top-down and bottom-up. When you start looking at proportion, the first thing to observe is the visual weight of the upper and lower parts of the finished piece. Through images and simple explanation, our free download shows you how to visualize and draw pleasing proportions when you design your own furniture.

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3. Look at the layers. A great-looking cabinet or dresser is only just top, bottom and sides. It’s also the repeated forms and proportions that you can learn to see in all 3 dimensions – such as drawers and capitals. We show you a set of 6 symmetrical rectangles that are easy to remember and use in your fine furniture design.

fine furniture design tips

4. Spice it up. “Ornament is the application of carving, inlay, painting or gilding meant to enhance the underlying form.” Have you ever seen a piece of furniture that almost looks good, but not quite? It’s probably because the maker forgot to add some visual spice to the surface of the piece. Great bones only go so far!

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