ICDT: My View

For those of you who aren’t aware of this acronym, ICDT stands for “I Can Do That” ,articles that teach readers how to build projects with a basic set of tools and materials [...]

Looking at Wood

I began this project like every other- looking at wood. Though some level of intimacy with wood is inescapable, my interest in these boards is practical, not spiritual. I’m looking for [...]

Planeaholics Anonymous

I wanted to be encouraging. I wanted to be funny. I wanted to tell folks in no uncertain terms that it isn’t necessarily the case that every plane needs to make .001″ shavings, have a [...]

Williamsburg Conference Trip Report

Each year, 400 or so woodworkers attend Colonial Williamsburg Foundation’s “Working Wood in the 18th century” conference. Attendees are treated to scholarly lectures on period [...]

How To: Install a Half-mortise Lock

I’m in the finishing stages of a piece of furniture, my first so-called “brown furniture” piece (not Shaker or Arts & Crafts), since I began with Popular Woodworking [...]

A Short History of Measurement

An excerpt from the Spring 2007 issue of Woodworking Magazine, available on the newsstands now. My boss, Steve Shanesy, held up a dial caliper to make his point about precision woodworking. [...]

Letter: Sticker Shock v. Sticker Marks

Reader Dave Raeside writes:In one woodworking course that I took the instructor said that he is no longer using kiln-dried wood for his projects, but is only using air-dried lumber. In another [...]

The Hoverpad

Welcome to the age of the Jetsons. Flying cars, moving sidewalks and floating furniture were the norm when I was a kid watching my Saturday morning cartoons. We didn’t think that time would [...]

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