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Update on the Amerock Hinges

Amerock’s customer service department promptly responded to my question about its new Chinese-made hinges (to the company’s credit, they didn’t know the query was from a [...]

Second Thoughts About a Recommendation

In the first issue of Woodworking Magazine I wrote a half-page article titled “A Better Hinge” that sang the praises of the Amerock non-mortise hinges, which I have used for many [...]

An Update on the Roubo Bench

I’m getting about a letter a day from people interested in building (or taking me to task) for the Roubo-style workbench shown in Issue 4. Reader Dan Chaffin, a furniture maker in [...]

Nothing is Arbitrary

Have you ever wondered why there are specific rules for the sizes of mortise-and-tenon joints? Did you know there are rules? If you consult the 19th and early 20th century texts, they state that [...]

A Red Herring – A Frozen One at That

I’ve been doing quite a bit of drawboring lately while building a couple cabinets for the next issue of Woodworking Magazine. And it’s given me a chance to try a couple of new [...]

The Mystery of Holdfasts

This old method of holding work is one of the best. We tell you which holdfasts work and which don’t. But figuring out ‘why’ is more difficult.

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