Like Riding a Bike

RainfordDraftingOur next online course in Popular Woodworking University is a 1-hour, live web seminar with one of the hardest-working educators in our network. Bill Rainford is a North Bennet Street School graduate, traditional joiner, restoration carpenter and, as of this week, first-time father. He’ll be presenting to our audience on a topic he knows well and uses constantly – traditional drafting.

Bill says:

Drafting by hand is a timeless skill like riding a bike or learning a new language that will serve you well throughout your life. With a simple set of drafting tools you’ll be able to start capturing your ideas and working out design details before you start using any precious wood. And with the ability to read and modify existing plans you’ll be able to customize any project to suit your needs and efficiently share your idea with others. I hope that you will join me in this webinar and start learning the visual language of drafting.

I would add that traditional drafting will serve you well in the world of computerized drafting, should you choose to add SketchUp or AutoCAD to your repertoire. (We’ll be launching a SketchUp course soon, by the way.) Drawing is drawing, no matter the medium.

T6680Please join us for Bill’s presentation on September 10th at 8:30PM Eastern Time!

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