Not Your Prosaic Handplane


Just a little something to drool over — the holly knob and tote are by Bill Rittner; the engraving is by Catharine Kennedy.

Megan Fitzpatrick

p.s. I’m out of the office this week…and can’t seem to turn the pic on my phone. Sorry.

6 thoughts on “Not Your Prosaic Handplane

  1. taddwilson1

    Is it me or are these planes starting to imitate the wands in Harry Potter? “Bevel-up, No. 2, Holly handle and knob, and acanthus leave engraving, interesting . . . very interesting.”

    There needs to be a store where “the plane chooses the craftsman.”

    1. Megan Fitzpatrick Post author

      Oh goodness no! My planes aren’t that fancy. It’s one that Catharine and Bill were working on for a client.

      1. tom d

        Thought you might have had one of your grandfathers done up, but on closer look that one is too new to have been his.

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