And the Moto-Saw Winner is…

First, thanks to all of you who entered – I had a hard time deciding on a winner. In the end, I guess I’ll have to chalk up the winning entry to my sometimes-sophomoric sense of humor. And without further ado:

Congratulations to Ronald_T, for his winning limerick:

I once tried to chisel a mortise,
But my mallet was too soft and porous;
If this happens to you,
The blue pill won’t do,
You’ll just end up distracted and ferrous

And for those of you reading this for the first time, the original post follows:

Christopher Schwarz, in keeping with the philosophy he espouses in “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest,” has been culling his tool collection and keeping only those he truly needs. At the recent Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool show at our office, he was selling some of his less-than-necessary tools (I succumbed to tool lust and bought his 18″ Lufkin) – but not everything sold.

Did he take the unsold tools home with him? No. No he did not. So I’m getting rid of them. Herewith, I issue this challenge:

Because the Moto-Saw (a motorized coping saw) strikes me as wholly ridiculous (I mean really – for the type of cut one would make with a coping saw, how hard is it to move one’s arm back and forth?!), I’m holding a ridiculous contest. Write a limerick about woodworking tools, the woodshop, projects or anything related to woodworking and post it in the comments below (keep it clean – PG-13 at worst, please). The one that makes me laugh – or better yet, snort – the most wins the Moto-Saw. You have until Friday at noon.

Here’s mine:

The Moto-Saw got some new wires
To keep it from starting a fire.
But poor Sparky got scorched
So we’re passing the torch
To a woodshop with burning desires.

You can read about Chris’s acquisition of the Moto-Saw here – and find out why one of his nicknames is Sparky.

— Megan Fitzpatrick


39 thoughts on “And the Moto-Saw Winner is…

  1. sqmorgan

    OK Miss Megan…A little cheesy, but:

    The fledgling group Dremel of old,
    Sold plug-in hand saws, I’m told.
    Only one of their gizmos would sell;
    At their designers they started to yell,
    And now their tools spin fast for gold!

  2. dragoondr

    A joiner named Schwartz,
    A saw of sorts,
    A Megan who snorts??
    This contest supports

  3. Vinny

    At first sight, I thought the Moto-Saw was a toy for the tots.
    Then, I read it’s not safe for those little snots.
    If I had this thing for myself,
    I would never take it off the shelf.
    And I think, I rather play with the box.

  4. Bill Wiese

    There once was a shop cat named Megan
    Who thought she was the queen of peging
    A vice she thought nice
    It’s better then mice
    Now she’s cinching up trice on the slogging.

  5. tomruff

    Since my tool budget is currently zero, I am compelled to send an entry for your Moto-Saw giveaway!

    A woodworker friend name of Abel,
    Now older is much less ca-pable.
    So when sawing or coping,
    Instead of just moping,
    Holds on while his wife shakes the table.

  6. smithdal

    Ginger Workshop*

    There once was a Wood-noggin fool,
    Who tippled with most every tool,
    He sampled this, and he sampled that,
    Til he didn’t know where he was at,
    Now he teaches at all the best schools.

    He knew a fine Ginger called Meeghan,
    Whose pref’rences ran Lizzybeethan,
    She caught his disease,
    (Let’s hope from a sneeze!),
    Now for better old tools she’s ableatin’.

    In time with his kindly instruction,
    Ginger Workshop set up quite a ruction,
    Toward dovetail she headed,
    But twas shovetails she bedded,
    With her saucy new modes of construction.

    Ginger wearied ere long of his spelching,
    E’en far worse than that was his belching,
    As mechanic he’s rude,
    (E’en mortised his food),
    And the whole thing just got to be squelching.

    He’d set out to make rough places plane,
    But drove everyone there quite insane,
    He rasped and he hammered,
    On videos he stammered,
    Til nothing there was left to gain.

    So now to the end of our story,
    Whose details wax all Blood and Gore-y,
    Wood-noggin moved out,
    Ginger Workshop’s apout,
    Til comes the next piece for draw-boring.

    *With apologies to Chris, Megan, Robert Burns, Edward Lear, Eugene Field, Larry Gelbart, Benjamin Moxon, writers of The Holy Bible, and pretty much anybody who ever pushed a noun up against a verb toward useful purpose.

  7. Moontoad

    There lived an inventor named Friss
    whose wife sought mechanical bliss.
    His solution didn’t cut it.
    He couldn’t bear to gut it,
    so sold it to suckers like Chris.

  8. zdillingerzdillinger

    My (hopefully) PG-13 entry:
    There once was a joiner named Ewing
    Who had a strong penchant for screwing
    “No pilot holes in my work,”
    He said with a smirk,
    “There’s plenty I’d rather be doing”

  9. gumpbelly

    A young man wanted to buy himself a tool
    His Father said he was nothing but a fool
    But it`s for woodworking he accorded
    Well that thing is corded, and if you get wet you will be shorted
    The hand tool salesman thought old Dad was pretty cool

  10. madhun

    There once was a man with a Moto,
    Who gave up his power in toto.
    He gave with a wink
    A saw that does stink,
    But sure does look good in a photo.

  11. Harry

    Hi Megan, here’s one from Kenya:

    There’s many a tool in my chest
    But some of them were but a jest.
    The Moto Saw’s one –
    Bought just for fun,
    Though some say it is the best.

    Keep up the great work.

  12. Bill Lattanzio

    There once was a temptress named Meg
    Who offered a saw to us dregs
    To win it she sang
    You must kiss Bob Lang
    So for that I must drink a whole keg.

  13. Fair Woodworking

    I don’t know if this is that funny, but I thought it up while in the shower… That’s not funny either, it’s just plain weird.

    And a little creepy…

    There once was a writer named Chris
    Who was sad ’cause he’d never been kissed
    So he tried working wood
    Found out he was good
    and then turned into an Anarchist

  14. Torch02

    There once was a hand tool snob
    Who bought a saw that made him sob
    Then the redhead got stuck
    With a saw short on its luck
    So she threw it to the literary woodworking mob

    This all became a blog post
    Whose comments crashed the webhost
    The tool-huddled masses
    Then lifted their glasses
    Giving that saw a Friar’s Club roast

  15. tsangelltsangell

    All good limericks start out in Nantucket,
    with a man and his corn as he shucks it.
    But I’m carried away
    and I’ll save for a day
    all the reasons why this saw can suck it.

  16. James Vroman

    There was a woodworker named Schwarz
    Who was a tool aficionado of sorts
    But a powered tool
    Was against his rule
    So he gave it to Megan of course

    Megan – Aren’t you glad that limerics have only 5 lines 😉

  17. dpalko

    There once was a man from Nantucket
    Whose job was to ship ten large buckets
    He found a young knave
    To carve eighty staves
    And earned the merchant his cocket

  18. Ronald_T

    My understanding of Limericks is that they should be at least a little raunchy so here’s my PG-13 attempt:

    I once tried to chisel a mortise,
    But my mallet was too soft and porous;
    If this happens to you,
    The blue pill won’t do,
    You’ll just end up distracted and ferrous.

  19. jamescull

    There once was a man from Arkansas
    Among his tools was a Moto Saw
    His skill with wire
    Almost set him on fire
    So we’re keeping him safe with a draw

  20. thejoinersapprentice

    There once was a joiner called chris
    Who’s moto-saw he would never miss
    He left it behind for Megan to find
    So now she is sending me this!

    1. thejoinersapprentice

      (I should say that I actually don’t want it, consider mine just an honorary entry)

      1. B Jackson

        So, this be my first in many a day
        Of your desire for honor I must say
        Turning down a freebie
        I cannot really see
        So just win it and sell it on E-bay

        1. oldfox

          Third and fourth lines are melded. Know what meld means? TYPO!! Kinda like your spelling of “”linerick””
          Be nice.

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