Update to the Update on October Digital Issue


The new e-mail has just gone out (4 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 13), and I hear folks are receiving it. If, by Wednesday morning, you have NOT received it, please let me know.

I mentioned last Friday that the digital issue had gone out, and it seems many folks didn’t get it – man am I tired of copying and pasting that URL!

But, I copied our circulation folks on all the many e-mails I sent, and they tell me the problem has been identified; they’re working on fixing it (which we expect will happen later today).

A new delivery notification will be sent out to all digital subscribers as soon as possible – so please hang tight. I’ll update you when it’s been resent.

— Megan Fitzpatrick

p.s. Interested in a digital subscription? Click here for more information. (I’m told the delivery problems won’t happen again…and if they do, well, I’ve a lot of experience with one-to-one delivery.)

38 thoughts on “Update to the Update on October Digital Issue

  1. powermil

    Not in my email.
    Where can I go to get the link?
    Why not just have a user name and password WITHOUT a special link?

  2. Gerald

    Hi Megan,

    I checked but didn’t receive the download link. Will PW be resending the link? Hope so.


  3. KevM

    Nothing for me too – just checked deleted and junk folders. Strongly agree with original poster – why can’t we just download from our account? Gruntleometer is pointing to dis…

  4. bsddude

    No notification yet either. Also why don’t we havehave access to downloading the subscribed issus through our store profile like the other downloadable items purchased?

  5. blanik

    Haven’t received a notification email yet. Checked junk and spam folders as well – no emaul 🙁

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