A Chance to Say Thanks

Traveling WallWith Woodworking in America (WIA) and the Hand Tool Olympics (HTO) getting underway on Friday, Oct. 18, I wanted to let everyone know about another event you should catch while you’re here in town. This weekend the Vietnam Traveling Wall Memorial will be set up and on display at Union Township’s Veterans’ Memorial Park (click here for more information). Remember, too, that active-duty members of the military get in free (police officers, firefighters and spouses of woodworkers do, too).

I also thought I should post a warning about the guys taking care of the events at HTO. These woodworkers (see their mugs below) should be considered dangerous – they’ll talk your ear off and cajole you into participating in the events. A heart-felt thanks goes out to these guys (and to all the woodworkers who have helped out throughout the years). Stop by and give a little back to them.

HTO Volunteers— Glen D. Huey


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