Lady's Desk

Most-asked Woodworking Questions

Throughout the years I’ve been here at Popular Woodworking Magazine, there are only two woodworking questions that find their way into my inbox on a regular basis. The number of times I’ve answered the question about the router bit I used to plunge-cut workbench holes into my Shaker Workbench from December 2007 (#166) is...


Southern Lady’s Desk

This North Carolina beauty exemplifies the style of the early South. By Glen D. Huey Pages: 24-33 From the November 2011 issue #193 Buy this issue now I don’t consider myself a furniture snob, but until recently, I’d not studied furniture from the South beyond pieces featured in “Southern Furniture 1680-1830: The Colonial Williamsburg Collection” by Ronald L....


I Can Do That: Lap Desk

Portable productivity with a nod to steampunk style. By Mag Ruffman The glorious thing about being self-sufficient is that you can usually figure out ways to create what you need. My latest need arose after a bad case of Burning Thighs Syndrome, a malady caused by sitting on the couch typing on a laptop computer. With my...

Shaker Trestle Desk

Shaker Trestle Desk Sketchup Model

This is a model of a Shaker Trestle desk featured in an article in the August 2003 issue of Popular Woodworking magazine.