Toshio Odate



Respect for tools was the real lesson I learned from a woodworking icon. by Brad Rubin page 64 My introduction to Japanese woodworking started with Toshio Odate’s underwear. “My tools are like my underwear. You wouldn’t touch my underwear, so don’t touch my tools,” Odate told me and my classmates. So began my first...


A Visit with Toshio Odate

Most of last week, I was in Connecticut to film a video with teacher, sculptor, author, artist and woodworker (also, excellent chef) Toshio Odate, along with our video editor, David Thiel, and studio manger Ric Deliantoni. I’d prepared (of course) a long list of questions and subjects to discuss with Toshio…but when we turned...

8_Chair Seat

2013 Popular Woodworking Magazine Favs – Part 2

In a continuation of selecting my favorite articles from the issues of 2013 (read part 1 here), below covers the August (issue #205) through December (issue #208) for the year. My hands-down winner from the August 2014 issue is the article written by Mario Rodriguez, “Take a U-turn to Scoop a Chair Seat.” Jigs...


Toshio Odate – Additional Images – October 2013 Issue

One of our favorite authors, Toshio Odate, is featured in an article in our October 2013 issue. In the story, Toshio relates his experience as an apprentice in Japan and builds a latticed entry door to his studio. The project is similar to what he was making in the 1950s. It isn’t exactly a...


Toshio Odate Table Sketchup Model

This is a model of a dining table featured in an article in the August 2010 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine.