My Screwdriver’s Little Brother

At Christmas, my preference would be to receive nothing. But that’s not an option with my wife and kids. The kids got me some stickers for my tool chest (Johnny Cash, Foo Fighters and Nirvana). My wife bought me 12 beers I’d never tried before, she replaced some worn out socks and bought me...


Milwaukee ‘10IN1’ Ratchet Multi-bit Driver

By Robert W. Lang Page 18 Screwdrivers are more of a necessary evil in the shop than a tool about which to get excited. In today’s world you need to be prepared for a multitude of head styles. Standard, Phillips, square-drive (known as “Robertson” north of Lake Erie), Torx and Allen heads all might...

Parallel driver tips. The Grace are at left. The Lee Valley at right.

New Lee Valley Precision Screwdrivers Seeking Grace

If you are picky about the screws you use in your projects, you are probably as picky about your screwdrivers. I sure am. Typical inexpensive and mid-price screwdrivers for slotted screws have a tip that tapers like a wedge. This wedge doesn’t have much contact with the screw. And if you slip while driving,...