Simple-to-build Shop Drawers

Because we have just about put to bed the current issue and due to the upcoming holiday weekend, I had a little free time to be out in the shop. Look out workbench, here I come – again. Today I worked on the shop drawers that slip into boxes that will eventually fit inside...


All Plywood Is Not The Same

I’ve had a bit of time in the shop this week, so I went back to work on the storage boxes that sit inside my yet-to-be-built workbench. I know. It’s been almost six months and I’m still just building the boxes – managing editor duties are many. After knocking out my dovetails, I laid...

Get Mr. Ripley on the phone, this is 1/4" thick

Amazing Discovery In Cincinnati Woodshop

About the only times I buy material at a big box home center are when I need something in a hurry for the house, or I’m working on an “I Can Do That” project for the magazine. For the June 2011 issue I built some simple bookcases and used 1/4″ thick plywood for the...