Coffee Tables


Ralph S. Wilkes, 100 Years Young

Congratulations (and belated good wishes) to Ralph S. Wilkes, who in April celebrated his 100th birthday. Mr. Wilkes wrote for Popular Woodworking (and other woodworking magazines) in the mid-1990s, after retiring from Keuka College in Keuka Park, N.Y., where for 35 years he was a business manager and treasurer. He now lives in Canandaigua,...


Coffee Tables and Cats

I’ve been working on a coffee table build for what seems like years. Now that I’m in the closing stages, I went back to look at the first photos I took; that was in mid-October of last year. But I’m finally nearing the end of the project. The drawers are finished and fit; the...


Prairie-style Coffee Table

An anachronism in its time, this table now fits perfectly in our homes. By David Thiel Pages: 62-66 From the October 2005 issue #150 Buy this issue now Frank Lloyd Wright would probably be dismayed to see a coffee table built in his Prairie furniture style. In fact he and his fellow early 20th-century...


I Can Do That: Coffee Table

Uncomplicated construction and an easy, attractive finish make this table tops. by Glen D. Huey Pages 30-31 From the December 2008 Issue #173 Buy this issue now The construction of this handsome red oak coffee table is uncomplicated. The top and shelf units are made of four individual pieces of lumber. Each leg is...


I Can Do That: Factory Cart Coffee Table

This reproduction of an industrial workhorse will give you years of use in your living room. By Drew Depenning Pages: 24-25 From the October 2010 issue # 185 Buy this issue now At the turn-of-the-century, no factory existed without several industrial carts (also known as trucks) at its disposal. From hauling lumber to carrying crankshafts to serving...

The lower stretchers tie into mortises cut in each of the four legs. I made the mortises 1/2" wide.

Wright Coffee Table

Arts & Crafts furniture builders offered a decent variety of pieces at the beginning of the 1900's, but coffee tables weren't on the list. But if Frank Lloyd Wright had given it a try, we think it might look like this.