Under the Rope and Into the Doghouse

I remember the first time I saw a picture of the clock at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, N.C. It was a reproduction in the Stickley catalog. I looked at the picture of the clock in the catalog and instantly assumed from the photo that it was a mantel clock. I would learn...


Shaker Small Chest

This six-board chest (composed of four sides, a top and bottom) is a country (and Shaker) standard. Simple, basic construction techniques are all that’s needed to build this piece.


3-D Cutting

As you begin to get some experience with your band saw, you’ll begin to see all sorts of possibilities for intricate cuts and forms.

FIG. 4-52 The relationship between diners and each other and between the table and the room should be considered when sizing a table. A narrow width is intimate, but there may not be room for the turkey on Thanksgiving.

Drawing Tables

From Drafting and Design for Woodworkers,  author Bob Lang describes what information is necessary to develop a design for tables.