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Tom is the former Online Community Editor at Popular Woodworking Magazine. He "retired" to study for four years in China.


Boxes, Chests & Easy Gifts Value Pack

Discover the inspiration and advice you need to build all your holiday projects! If you’re like most woodworkers, you’re already searching for projects you can make for friends and family this holiday season. Well, search no further. Everything you need is in the “Boxes, Chests & Easy Gifts” Value Pack. From jewelry and music...

Drill Bits

Your Guide to Drill Bits – Free PDF Download

This one-page basic guide will get you up to speed on drill bits and drilling. Includes: Visual guide to basic types of drill bits Eight common drilling problems and solutions Chart of suggested speeds for different bit styles, sizes and types of wood Download the PDF here: Your Guide to Drill Bits – Tom...

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Fundamentals of Design

Whether you’re a beginning or advanced woodworker, you’ll find the tools and information in this value pack will help you improve your design skills. Only 100 value packs are available – act now.


My Very First Woodworking Project

After many months of waiting and watching them work, the other editors finally turned me loose in the shop last week to tackle my first-ever woodworking project: a simple bookshelf. Well, “turned me loose” is a strong phrase – I had quite a bit of coaching using the router to cut rabbets, and wielding...


Congratulations to the Workshop Makeover Giveaway Winner!

A hearty congratulations goes out to Bill Ketler of Silver Spring, Md., winner of our Workshop Makeover Giveaway, sponsored by JET Tools and Bessey Tools. He will be adding $6,000 worth of tools to his shop including a table saw, planer, band saw, dust collector and jointer from JET Tools, and a K Body...

Roy Underhill

‘The Woodwright’s Shop’ Season 3 Available on ShopClass

All 13 episodes of “The Woodwright’s Shop,” Season Three are available on our streaming video site. In this season, Roy Underhill takes time out to explain how wood grows and how it is worked by various tools. He teaches you how to build a workbench, a cooper’s bucket and wonderful little wooden toys. He...

Screw Extraction 1

How To Extract a Screw

Tube Extractors are the Best Option Sawtooth edges make these small tools very handy to have around the shop. Use a drill press, if possible, to bore a clean hole around the screw. Or, a hand-held drill with a guide block works fine for screws located outside of the reach of a drill press....